This section summarizes the key processes involved in API Enforcer Enforcer (ASE) installation.

A new ASE installation involves following steps:

  1. Understanding and determining ASE deployment modes.
  2. Provisioning the host system based on number of APIs and the expected queries per second (QPS). For information on sizing, contact Ping Identity support team.
  3. Reviewing port requirements.
  4. Installing ASE.
  5. Copying ASE license.
  6. Changing default settings.
  7. Obfuscating keys and passwords.
  8. Tuning host system for high performance.
  9. Starting ASE.
  10. Configure SSL for client side connection or external APIs.

ASE cluster setup facilitates high availability and increases both performance and overall system throughput. Ping Identity recommends setting up a cluster of ASE nodes for production environments. For more information on setting up an ASE cluster, see Setup ASE cluster (optional) and Administering an ASE cluster.

After installing ASE, proceed with the following tasks: