To configure Axway Policy Studio:

  1. Launch Axway Policy Studio and create a new project from an API Gateway instance.
    A screen capture of the Welcome to Policy Studio page with a green box around the New Project from an API Gateway instance link.
  2. In the New Project pop-up window, enter the details and click Next.
    A screen capture of the New Project > Project Details with the Use default location option and Next button highlighted in orange.
  3. Enter Host details, Username, and Password of the API Gateway to connect and click Next.
    A screen capture of New Project > Open connection page. Values are entered in the Host, Username, and Password fields.
  4. Click Import configuration fragment from the File sub-menu in the menu bar.
    A screen capture of the File menu with Import > Import Configuration Fragment selected.

    From the pop-up window, import the Axway Policy from the directory where it was saved. Select the policy and click OK.

    A screen capture of the policy selection page with the policy and OK button highlighted in orange.
  5. After the Axway Policy is imported, click on Policies > ASESecurity > ASE Request Handler > Access Token Information. Double click the Access Token Information box in the ASE Request Handler window.
    A screenshot of the ASE Request Handler with a box and arrow on Access Token Information.
    1. In the Configure "Access Token Information" pop-up window, enter your OAuth token store information and click the ... button.
      A screenshot of the Configure "Access Token Information" window with a box and arrow on the ore Options icon.
    2. In the Select OAuth Cache pop-up window, select the OAuth token store.