The management log (balancer.log and controller.log) levels are initially configured in ase.conf file by setting log_level to one of the following five values. The default value is INFO:
  • INFO
You can change the log level of management logs during run-time by using the log_level command. The log_level command works in an identical way for both sideband and inline ASE modes. In an ASE cluster set up, run the log_level command on all the ASE nodes. The change in log-level is also recorded in Audit logs. Following is an example CLI output of the log_level command to change the log-level to warn. The other values for the command are info, error, fatal, and debug.
#./bin/ -u admin -p admin log_level warn
You can also verify the current log level by using the ASE status command.
#./bin/ -u admin -p status
API Security Enforcer
status              : started
mode                : inline
http/ws             : port 8080
https/wss           : port 8443
firewall            : enabled
abs                 : disabled, ssl: enabled
abs attack          : disabled
audit               : enabled
ase detected attack : disabled
attack list memory  : configured 128.00 MB, used 25.60 MB, free 102.40 MB
log level           : warn

timezone            : local (MST)