To complete the configuration of Splunk for PingIntelligence, you need to create a source type. Creating a source type helps Splunk to understand the event format.

The source type is one of the default fields that Splunk assigns to all the incoming data. Configuring the source type informs Splunk about the type of data ABS provides. This helps Splunk in formatting data intelligently during indexing.

To create a source type:

  1. Configure a new source type by navigating to Splunk Enterprise > Settings > Source Types > New Source type. The source type events page is displayed.
  2. Configure the New Source type.

    The fields are defined in the following table.



    Source type name


    Destination app

    Search and reporting (Can change for your apps)



    Indexed extractions




    A screen capture of the Edit Source Type window.
  3. Create a new index pi_events by navigating to Enterprise > Settings > Indexes > New Index.

    A screen capture of the New Index window.