In the inline deployment mode, ASE sits at the edge of your network to receive the API traffic. It can also be deployed behind an existing load balancers such as AWS ELB. ASE deployed at the edge of the datacenter, terminates SSL connections from API clients. It then forwards routes the requests directly to the correct destination APIs – and app servers such as Node.js, WebLogic, Tomcat, PHP, etc.

To configure ASE to work in the Inline mode, set the mode=inline in the ase.conf file.

Some load balancers (for example, AWS ELB) require responses to keep alive messages from all devices receiving traffic. In an inline mode configuration, ASE should be configured to respond to these keep alive messages by updating the ase_health variable in the ase.conf file. When ase_health is true, load balancers can perform an ASE health check using the following URL: http(s)://<ASE Name>/ase where <ASE Name> is the ASE domain name. ASE will respond to these health checks.