To download and install the PingIntelligence policy tool:

  1. Download the PingIntelligence policy tool to the /opt directory.
  2. Untar the policy tool:
    1. At the command prompt, run the following command:
      tar –zxvf <filename>

      The following example shows what this command could look like in your instance:

      tar –zxvf pi-apigee-4.1.tar.gz
    2. To verify that the tool successfully installed, run the ls command at the command prompt.

      You see the Ping Identity directories and the build .tgz file.

      The following table lists the available directories.

      Directory Description


      Contains the following scripts:

      • The script to deploy the PingIntelligence policy.
      • The script to undeploy the PingIntelligence policy.
      • Reports the deployment status and configured Apigee credentials.


      Contains the certificate ase.pem file that is shipped by default with ASE. Make sure that the certificate applied for the ASE data port matches with the certificate present in the ase.pem certificate file for self-signed certificates.

      For more information, see Prerequisites to deploying a PingIntelligence shared flow.


      Contains the Apigee root certificate authority (CA) certificate that is copied to this location when mutual TLS (MTLS) is enabled.


      This feature requires ASE version 5.1.3 or later.


      .jar files and various dependencies. Do not edit the contents of this directory.


      Contains the shared flows:



      Contains the file.


      Contains the log and status files.

  3. To configure the PingIntelligence policy tool after installation, edit the file and set the necessary properties.

    For more information, see Apigee properties file configuration.