Complete the following before configuring PingAccess:

  • Confirm the PingAccess version - The PingIntelligence policy supports PingAccess versions 5.x and 6.x. If you are using any other version, contact Ping Identity support.
  • Install PingIntelligence software

    PingIntelligence software should be installed and configured. For more information on PingIntelligence deployment, see PingIntelligence setup and PingIntelligence manual deployment .

  • Verify that ASE is in sideband mode

    Check ASE is in sideband mode by running the following command in ASE command line.
    /opt/pingidentity/ase/bin/ status
    API Security Enforcer
    status                  : started
    mode                   : sideband
    http/ws                 : port 80
    https/wss               : port 443
    firewall                : enabled
    abs                     : disabled, ssl: enabled
    abs attack              : disabled
    audit                   : enabled
    sideband authentication : disabled
    ase detected attack     : disabled
    attack list memory      : configured 128.00 MB, used 25.61 MB, free 102.39 MB
    google pubsub           : disabled
    log level               : debug
    timezone                : local (UTC)
    If ASE is not in sideband mode, then stop ASE and change the mode by editing the /opt/pingidentity/ase/config/ase.conf file. Set mode as sideband and start ASE.
  • Enable sideband authentication
    For secure communication between PingAccess and ASE, enable sideband authentication by entering the following ASE command.
    # ./bin/ enable_sideband_authentication -u admin –p
  • Generate sideband authentication token

    A token is required for PingAccess to authenticate with ASE. To generate the token, enter the following ASE command.

    # ./bin/ -u admin -p admin create_sideband_token
    Save the generated authentication token for further use.