It is recommended to restart ASE cluster nodes, one node at a time, to ensure consistent cluster behavior. To restart the ASE Cluster, complete the following steps:

  1. Stop all the nodes in the cluster by running the following command on any ASE node in the cluster.
    /opt/pingidentity/ase/bin/ cluster –u admin –p
  2. Start the first node or management node in the cluster by executing the following command.
    Note: The first node or management node of the ASE cluster has the peer_node parameter empty in the cluster.conf file.
  3. Verify the status of the node by running the status command. Start the next node in the cluster only after the status of the node changes to started.
    /opt/pingidentity/ase/bin/ status -u admin -p 
    Status: started
  4. Repeat step-2 and step-3 for all the other nodes in the cluster, to complete the cluster restart.