To view the Top APIs chart details and drill-down information, click Dashboard > Top APIs.

Top APIs

Graph filters

The Trained graph filters are available. Select or clear the check boxes to include or exclude Trained or Not Trained APIs, for the specified selection.

Top APIs table

The filtered graph results are displayed in a table below the graph, for further drill-down, inspection and analysis.

Top APIs table
Column Description
API Name The name of the API
Date Added The date monitoring began on the API
Trained Indicates whether the AI engine is trained (Yes) or not trained (No) on the API.
Note: An API must be trained before it can detect IoAs.
Hostname The server hosting the API
API Base Path The URL prefix for the API path, relative to the host root
Requests Accumulated count of requests to the API for the reported period
IoA count Accumulated count of IoAs on the API for the reported period

Sorting and filtering

Click on a table column heading to sort the table according to that column. Click on the column heading again to display a reverse sort according to that column.
  1. Click Filters ^ to select filtering based on search strings or partial strings of the API Name or API Base Path.
  2. Enter the search string in the Search from table field. The search displays the matching rows in the table.
    • The search is case-insensitive.
    • Wildcard searches, for example using an asterisk (*), are not supported.
    • Use of quotation marks is not supported.
    • Be aware of the use of spaces in a search string. A leading or trailing space can filter out results. A single space is not regarded as multiple consecutive spaces.
    • The graph filters are applied before the table filter. Use of the table filter produces a subset of the graph filter.

      For example, in the graph filter select Not Trained. The graph and the table show not trained data only. The table's Trained column only has rows with the value No.

      Next, in the table filter, select API Base Path and enter /acc. The table is reduced further, displaying only the rows where the API Base Path column contains the string /acc.

API drill-down

In the Top APIs table, click on an API in the API Name column, to display the API activity dashboard with further details about that API's activity in the reported period.