To understand the tuning parameters, refer to the tuning script comments. When running the tuning script, changes are displayed on the console to provide insight into system modifications. To undo system changes, run the untune script


If you are installing ASE as a non-root user, run the tune script for your platform before starting ASE.

The following commands are for tuning RHEL. For tuning Ubuntu, use the Ubuntu tuning scripts.

Tune the host system
Enter the following command in the command line:

Make sure to close the current shell after running the tune script and proceeding to start ASE.


If ASE is deployed in a Docker Container, run the tune script on the host system, not in the container.

Untune the host system
The “untune” script brings the system back to its original state. Enter the following command in the command line:

You should be a root user to run the tune and untune scripts.