PingIntelligence 5.1 introduces a number of new features and improvements.

  • The Kafka and Zookeeper third-party components have been introduced for processing event streaming.
  • Elasticsearch 7.13.4 is required to support the new dashboard data format and the new improvements, and so there is no upgrade available for the dashboard data.
  • The PingIntelligence 5.1 dashboard has significant enhancements over the previous version:
    • New dashboards
    • Per IoA reporting with transaction level data
    • Faster availability of data in the dashboard
    • New API Publish service that publishes the changes made to the discovered APIs from PingIntelligence Dashboard to AI engine

    We recommended following the manual deployment steps for the dashboard, after completing the Kafka installation and the ABS upgrade.

  • The new API Publish service, that publishes the changes made to the discovered APIs from PingIntelligence Dashboard to AI engine. As a new component API Publish must be installed manually. API Publish can be installed on the Dashboard server, or on the ABS Reporting Node server.

See the Release Notes PingIntelligence 5.1 (December 2021) for the summary of new features in PingIntelligence 5.1.


Complete the following prerequisites before proceeding with upgrade:

  • Download PingIntelligence for APIs 5.1 binaries from Ping download site.
  • Access to PingIntelligence for APIs upgrade package - pi-api-upgrade-5.1.tar.gz. Contact Ping Identity Sales team for the latest upgrade script package.
  • Host machine with RHEL 7.9 or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. PingIntelligence 5.1 supports RHEL 7.9 or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating systems.
  • Elasticsearch 7.13.4
  • OpenJDK 11.0.2 to OpenJDK 11.0.6.
  • Set JAVA_HOME by adding the following command in ~/.bashrc file.
    export JAVA_HOME="/a/b/java"
  • Disable ABS on all ASE nodes by entering the following command on ASE nodes.
    ./ -u admin -p admin disable_abs
  • To minimize the impact to live traffic, stop ASE.

Upgrade will be done in-place for all the components. The process will need components to be taken out of live traffic processing till the upgrade is completed.

Common upgrade steps

  • Extract the PingIntelligence for APIs upgrade package pi-api-upgrade-5.1.tar.gz into a temporary directory on the host machine that has either ASE or ABS AI Engine or PingIntelligence Dashboard installed.
    # mkdir ~/pi-tmp
    # cp pi-api-upgrade-5.1.tar.gz ~/pi-tmp/
    # cd ~/pi-tmp/
    # tar -xvf pi-api-upgrade-5.1.tar.gz
    Following is the directory structure:
    └── pingidentity
        └── upgrade
            ├── abs
            │   └──
            ├── ase
            │   └──
            ├── dashboard
            ├── mongo
            │   └── mongo_upgrade_tool_5.1.tar.gz
            └── version.txt

    You can copy the upgrade package onto the host machine using utilities like SCP, rsync, SFTP, or curl.

  • Upgrade the components in the following order:

The upgrade scripts should be run from a user who has read, write, and execute permissions in the installation directories.