Make sure the following prerequisites are met:
  • All ABS instances must be stopped and there should be no reads or writes occurring during the upgrade.
  • A backup of all the 3 databases has been taken: abs_data, abs_midata, abs_metadata
  • All the MongoDB nodes in the replica set must be online and reachable.
Note: It is recommended to retain only 10-days of data in order to facilitate a fast upgrade process.
Important: Run this upgrade only on one of the ABS nodes. Extract the upgrade scripts from the PingIntelligence upgrade package as explained in Common upgrade tasks section.
Complete the following steps to upgrade MongoDB:
  1. On any one of the ABS nodes, create a Mongo upgrade directory:
    # mkdir <Mongo upgrade directory>
  2. Navigate to ~/pi-tmp/pingidentity/upgrade/mongo on the machine where you downloaded the upgrade package, and copy the mongo_upgrade_tool_5.1.tar.gz package and place it in <Mongo upgrade directory> diectory that your created in the previous step..
    # cd ~/pi-tmp/pingidentity/upgrade/mongo/
    # cp mongo_upgrade_tool_5.1.tar.gz <Mongo upgrade directory>/.
  3. In the <Mongo upgrade directory> directory on the ABS node, extract the Mongo upgrade tool:
    tar xvf mongo_upgrade_tool_5.1.tar.gz
  4. Stop ABS on all nodes by entering the following command.
    # /<ABS installation path>/pingidentity/abs/bin/
    For example:
    # /home/pi-user/pingidentity/abs/bin/
    If ABS is running as a service, then run the following command.
    # systemctl stop pi-abs.service
    Important: Repeat this procedure for each ABS node.
  5. Edit config/ and customize the properties to comply with your environment.
    The purpose of each property is described in the config/ file.
  6. Place the master key in config/abs_master.key.
    The master key is needed to read and deobfuscate the Mongo credentials from the file on the ABS node.
  7. Navigate to the <Mongo upgrade directory>/pingidentity/mongo_upgrade_tool/directory and run the mongo upgrade script.
    # bin/
    For example:
    # bin/
    please see /var/tmp/mongo_upgrade/pingidentity/mongo_upgrade_tool/logs/upgrade.log for upgrade log
  8. To verify the successful status of the upgrade see the data/status.json file.
    A successful upgrade should look like this:
      "startTime" : "2022_01_12-10_10_08",
      "endTime" : "2022_01_12-10_10_10",
      "status" : "abs upgrade tool has finished successfully"

    If the success status is not returned, send the logs/upgrade.log logfile to Ping Identity support.

Proceed to Step-3 Upgrading ABS AI Engine.
Important: Only after successful upgrade of MongoDB, proceed with ABS upgrade.