PingIntelligence for APIs in a sideband deployment integrates with WSO2 API gateway to provide in depth analytics on API traffic. In the deployment WSO2 API Gateway is the primary component that intercepts API requests and applies various types of policies. Each policy is executed using something we call an “API Handler”. The API gateway architecture allows users to add specific handlers to perform various tasks in different stages of the request flow. This implementation comes with a handler that allows users to perform sideband calls to the Ping ASE. With these sideband calls, it publishes API request metadata to Ping and checks the validity of the request. It does the same for the response as well. With the provided request metadata Ping ASE can detect abnormal access patterns. It also builds a knowledge base using API request data sent to it.

For more information on PingIntelligence - WSO2 integration, see Artificial Intelligence Based API Security with WSO2 and PingIntelligence for APIs.