Use the Groups details page to add or remove members dynamically based on a filter.

If new users are added, or existing users are updated, the group membership is updated automatically based on the criteria in the filter. If you create a dynamic group, you can still add users to the group manually.

  1. Go to Directory > Groups.
  2. Locate the group to which you want to add users.

    You can browse or search for groups. The results list is updated as you enter the search query.

  3. Click the appropriate group name to expand the details pane.
  4. Click the Users tab, and then click Add with a Filter.

    If the group already has users, click the pencil icon, and then click Edit Users Filter.

  5. In the Create Dynamic Group window, define the filter that will determine group membership.

    For examples of filter expressions, see Dynamic group examples.

  6. Enter the first condition:
    The user attribute to filter on.

    Boolean attributes support the Equals operator only, because they are either true or false.

    Select Equals, Starts with, Ends with, or Contains.
    Enter the appropriate value.

    A screen capture of Create Dynamic Group page, showing a condition or filter that identifies a certain category of users.
  7. If needed, click + Add, and then click Condition to add another condition.
  8. Select All or Any to determine how the linked conditions will be evaluated: Boolean logical All or Any.

    All filters in the same condition block must use the same logical operator.

  9. Continue adding conditions or condition blocks as needed.
  10. Click Save Filtered Users.

    The group is updated with any users that match the expression. If the filter is invalid, you see an error message and no users are added to the group.

  11. Click the Users Matched tab to see the list of filtered users.