Note: You need the Environment Admin role to add and edit notifications.
  1. Go to Experiences > Notification Templates.
  2. Click + .
  3. In the Add Notification window, enter the following:
    • Type. Select the purpose of the notification. The options are Device pairing, Strong authentication, and Transaction. For more information about notification types, see Notification templates.
      Note: Multiple notifications variations are not supported for the Password Recovery and Verification Code templates.
    • Name (optional). A unique identifier for the notification. The name appears in the notification list to help administrators choose the appropriate notification.
  4. Click Next.
    Note: To protect the email reputation scores for all of our customers, PingOne Trial licensees cannot use the built-in PingOne email domain ( to send email notifications with customized content. Paid licensees can customize the content, and Trial licensees can create custom email notification content when using their own SMTP server or custom email domains. For more information, see Setting up a trusted email domain and Configuring a custom SMTP email notification server.
  5. Click Save.
The notification is added to the notifications list.
Edit the notification as needed. See Editing a notification.