You can limit the data to a specific time range, such as the current day, the current week, the current month, or the previous three months.

The graph at the top of the page shows sign-on activity at a glance, including the number of successful user sign ons for the current day, and a graph showing the number of successful sign ons and the number of failed sign ons for the specified period.


The cards show the following information:
MFA adoption rate
The current percentage of MFA-enabled users. Select a timeframe of 30 days, 12 weeks, or 1 year to see the evolution of the MFA adoption rate. This information can help administrators visualize trends and inform decisions.
Hover over the area chart to see exact information on rate and date for a particular point in time. The back of the card shows a snapshot of historical rates.
Total identities
The number of active users for the specified period.
Password resets
The number of times users have requested password resets over the specified period.

The cards show a graphical view on one side and a list view on the other. Click the icon on the top right of the card to toggle between views.

Sign-ons heatmap

The sign-ons heatmap shows relative authentication activity by hour of the day and day of the week. The color variations show usage trends throughout an average week.

Hover over the map to see the actual average of sign-ons to more accurately quantify the variation between periods. You can use this information to better understand users' habits as well as identify periods of interest, such as typical highs and lows.