To set up a connection between PingOne and PingFederate, you need access to the administrator consoles for both platforms.

  1. In PingOne, go to Integrations > PingFederate.
  2. Click the + button.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Name: A unique identifier for the connection.
    • Description: (Optional). A brief characterization of the connection.
  4. Click Save.

    PingOne generates a credential for the connection. PingFederate exchanges the credential for an access token that is used to call PingOne APIs.

  5. In the New Credential Created window, click the Copy to Clipboard button.

    After you leave this page, you cannot go back and copy the credential, so make sure to copy it now. If you're not going to complete the configuration now, you can paste the credential to a text file. You can also create a new credential later. See Editing a connection.

  6. Click Done.

    The new connection is added to the PingFederate Connections list.

Adding the connection in PingFederate