For optimal security, you should rotate gateway credentials periodically.

  1. Go to Integrations > Gateways.
  2. Locate the appropriate gateway and then click the gateway name to expand the gateway details.
  3. Click the Overview tab.
  4. Next to Gateway credentials, click the + icon.
  5. Verify that the credential was created, and copy it to a secure location.

    The credential is shown in the console only once. If needed, you can retrieve existing credentials through the Gateway Management API. For more information, see Gateway Management in the PingOne Platform API Reference.

  6. Click Done.

    The new credential is added to the list with a unique ID.

You can also delete a gateway credential. To delete a credential, click the Delete icon, and then click Revoke. After a credential is revoked, the gateway cannot use the credential to access PingOne.