You cannot customize tokens for the two default resources, OpenID Connect and PingOne API.

  1. Go to Applications > Resources and browse or search for the resource that you want to edit.
  2. Click the resource entry to open the details panel for the resource.
  3. To add custom attributes, click the Attributes tab, and then click the Pencil icon.
    1. Click + Add.
    2. Enter the following:
      • Attributes: Enter the attribute value for the resource, such as sub.
      • PingOne mappings: Select an attribute in the list, such as User ID.

      Learn more about configuring the access token TTL (time to live) in Editing a resource.

    3. Continue adding attributes as needed.
  4. To include application permissions in access tokens created for this resource, on the Permissions tab, click the Include user permissions in Access Token toggle.

    Permissions for the authenticated user are included in the p1.permissions claim in the access token. Learn more about defining application permissions in Adding application permissions.

  5. Click Save.