Note: You need the Environment Admin role to add and edit notifications.
  1. Go to User Experience > Notification Templates.
  2. Locate the notification template you want to edit.
  3. On the right of the notification template, click the details menu (three dots) and then click Edit.
    The notification template opens in edit mode. If the notification has multiple delivery methods, you can edit them all on the same screen.
    Note: To protect the email reputation scores for all of our customers, PingOne Trial licensees cannot use the built-in PingOne email domain ( to send email notifications with customized content. Paid licensees can customize the content, and Trial licensees can create custom email notification content when using their own SMTP server or custom email domains. For more information, see Setting up a trusted email domain and Configuring a custom SMTP email notification server.
  4. Enter or edit the content for each delivery method and language. Select the language on the left. To add a language, see Languages. For more information about delivery methods and variables, see Delivery methods and variables.
    • Click the pencil icon to edit a field. Click the check mark icon to save changes.
    • Click Restore default text to undo any content changes you have made.
    • Click the X in the upper right to abandon changes and return to the notifications list.
  5. Voice notifications only:
    • To change the default voice, in the voice field, select a voice from the list. For a list of supported voices, see Delivery methods and variables.
    • If you use a custom voice provider and want to add a custom voice, select Custom, and then enter the name of the custom voice in the field that appears below the custom field.
    Note: To manage the languages supported for use with this notification template, see Languages.