License name



Includes all the features needed to administer the PingOne Admin Console, such as creating environments and users within environments. An Admin environment is automatically created for each trial.


Allows the customer to evaluate the functionality of all PingOne services for 30 days. The trial license is created by signing up for Try Ping at


Includes no PingOne services; but can enable a PingOne environment for integrating non-PingOne products.


Intended for customers that have paid licenses, but want to try other products within the organization. The JIT trial license is automatically generated when a new environment is created, if one or more trial services are selected for the environment.

Other license packages

All paid services have licenses corresponding to the service name.

Combo licenses

A single license that contains entitlements for multiple services, so that the services can be used together in a single environment. The name of the license shows the services it contains.