PingOne includes the following system applications:

  • PingOne Admin Console
  • PingOne Application Portal
  • PingOne Self-Service - MyAccount (learn more in Self service.)
You can assign sign-on policies to these system applications to control who can access them. You can disable the self-service app, but not the administrator console. If you disable the self-service app, no end users can sign on to it, but administrators can. You can't disable the self-service app using the Enable toggle switch for the application. Instead, go to the application details and select Must have admin role. Learn more in Application access control.

If your organization was created before July 18, 2024, or you did not opt in early for enhanced security updates that require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for administrators, the PingOne admin console uses the default authentication policy. Changing the default policy could affect the ability of admins to access the PingOne admin console.

If your organization was created after July 18, 2024, or you opted in early for the MFA requirement, the system policy configured in Settings > Administrator Settings is used instead of the default policy. Learn more in the PingOne administrators MFA requirement - FAQ.

You can find the system applications on the Applications page. Learn more in Application access control.