After creating a new workforce environment, the solution designer opens, which will walk you through the process of designing your experiences. To return to the designer in the future, click Get Started at the top of the page.
  1. The solution designer outlines the steps involved in this process. Start by clicking Add Test Users to add test users to your environment.
    Screen capture of the workforce solution designer.

    The Add Users page opens. If you chose to have PingOne generate test users and populations to your environment, you'll see them listed on this page.

    Follow the steps outlined in the online guide to add a test user to the environment.

  2. On the second step, you can browse the Application Catalog to see which applications are available in the environment or click Add Applications to add a new application to the environment. An online guide walks you through the process.
  3. On the third step, select the type of authentication experience you want your users to have when they sign on to your application or service for the first time and click Save.
    Choose between:
    • User name and password: Require your users register with a username and password.
    • Username, password, and MFA with the PingID app: Requires users to provide their username, password, and additional verification through the PingID app.
    • Risk-based MFA: Requires users to provide their username and password, and an additional verification factor if risk signals are detected.
    • Passwordless - FIDO2 (Biometrics, Security Keys): Transition to passwordless authentication. Requires users to initially provide their usernames and passwords and authenticate with MFA. Then, they can register devices to enable biometric or security key authentication.
  4. To test the user sign-on experience, click Launch Application Portal and sign on to the application with a test user's credentials.
  5. To modify these experiences, select different options in the solution designer and continue to test them until you’re satisfied.
  6. Continue to explore and customize your PingOne workforce trial, and explore the additional capabilities highlighted at the bottom of the page.