Use the User Devices/App Version filter to select the chart type that you want to view.

User Devices chart: view devices used by authentication method.

Screen shot showing the User Devices chart

App Version chart: view mobile applications by version.

Screen capture showing the App Version chart

The filter options available vary depending on which chart you select:

  • Authentication method
    Select the authentication methods you want to include in the results. For the App Version chart, only Mobile app is relevant.
  • Primary/Secondary
    • Primary to view data for devices defined as the user's primary device only.
    • Secondary to view data for devices defined as the user's secondary devices only.
    • Both to include both primary and secondary devices.
  • Mobile app OS
    View data per mobile OS. Select either:
    • iOS to view data for iOS devices only.
    • Android to view data for Android devices only.
    • Both to view data for iOS and Android devices.
  • Amount/Percent
    View data by either the number of devices, or the percentage of the total number of devices.