Discovery settings consist of the following three parts:

  • Mode - Configure the mode in which APIs are published to ASE. The mode can be Manual or Auto.

    When PingOne API Intelligence is deployed in the cloud, Mode is set to Manual by default.

  • Discovery Configuration - Switch discovery ON or OFF, configure the subpath depth of the API base path and discovery interval.
  • Default API Properties - Configure the default properties of discovered APIs. You can edit the properties of an individual API in manual mode before publishing it to ASE.

The following sections explain each part of Discovery settings in detail.


Configure the mode in which Dashboard publishes the discovered APIs to ASE:

  • Manual: In manual mode, you can review the discovered APIs, edit the properties of the APIs and then publish one or more APIs. For more information, see Editing discovered APIs.
    A screen capture of the PingOne API Intelligence discovery settings with Mode set to Manual.
  • Auto: In auto mode, Dashboard automatically publishes the APIs after a configured time interval. In auto mode, if you edit an API, it is published in the subsequent interval. Configure the following for auto mode:
    • Polling Interval - The time interval at which Dashboard publishes APIs to ASE. It is a good practice to have a minimum of a 10-minute interval.
    • Delete non-discovered APIs - When enabled, any APIs manually added to ASE are deleted.
    A screen capture of the PingOne API Intelligence discovery settings - auto mode with a box around the Mode.
  • ASE Deployment - Displays the ASE deployment mode - inline or sideband.

    When running PingOne API Intelligence SaaS, ASE deployment is always set to inline mode to support configuring all parameters. However, PingIntelligence for APIs software can be configured to support the actual ASE deployment mode. Refer to Configure API discovery.

Discovery Configuration

Enable or disable discovery from the Discovery Configuration tab by toggling the AI Engine Discovery button. Configure the following:

  • Discovery Source - The source for newly discovered APIs. Different options are available based on the platform:
    • PingOne API Intelligence SaaS Dashboard can only discover APIs from the AI Engine.
    • PingIntelligence for APIs software supports three sources:
      • AI engine
      • PingAccess
      • Axway API gateway

      Refer to Configure API discovery for setup instructions.

  • AI Engine Discovery - Toggle the button to start or stop API discovery. Make sure a root API is configured in ASE for the AI engine to discover APIs. For more information on discovery process, see API discovery configuration.
  • AI Engine Subpath Depth - Defines the number of subpaths used to uniquely discover the base path of a new API. The maximum allowed value is 6 when ASE is deployed in inline mode and it is 10 when ASE is deployed in sideband mode. For more information, see Discovery sub-paths.
  • AI Engine Discovery Update Interval - Defines the time interval at which new discovered APIs are updated in the Dashboard. The minimum value is 1 hour.
A screen capture of the PingOne API Intelligence discovery configuration.

Default API Properties

You can configure the default API JSON properties from this tab. These properties apply to all discovered APIs. You can edit the properties of the discovered APIs in manual mode before publishing. For more information on the API properties, see Defining an API using API JSON configuration file in inline mode.

A screen capture of the PingOne API Intelligence discovery default API properties.