• ASE - A root API is defined in ASE for the discovery process to start. The root API access log data is sent to ABS AI engine for processing.
  • ABS AI engine - The ASE access logs are processed to discover APIs in your environment.
  • Dashboard - Displays, manages, and renders the discovered APIs. Dashboard allows you to edit the discovered APIs and publish them to ASE. To view the APIs discovered from your API ecosystem, navigate to Discovered APIs in the Dashboard as shown in the screenshot below.
    Intelligence discovered APIs


You can sort the list of discovered APIs by:
  • Discovered date (default), in descending order.
  • Last updated date, in descending order.


You can filter and narrow down the displayed list of discovered APIs, using the filter drop down or search, or a combination of both:
  • Filter drop down options:
    • Discovered (default filter): List of APIs that have been discovered in the environment, but not yet determined to be tracked or ignored.
    • Tracked: List the APIs that are being tracked.
    • Ignored: List the APIs that are ignored.
  • Search:

    Enter part of the API hostname or URL in the search field, to narrow the list of APIs.


From the Discovered APIs dashboard, you can click the Ignore all APIs button to set the listed APIs as ignored.

On individual entries in the APIs list click the three-dot icon on the right of a row to select one of the options:
  • Track: Track activity on this API.
  • Ignore: Ignore activity on this API.
  • View spec: Display the API definition in JSON format. For example:
    Intelligence discovered API view spec
  • Click on the API row to drill down to Edit the discovered APIs.