1. Click an API row to view or edit it.
    The API View pane displays.
    Intelligence discovered API view pane
  2. Optional: Click an action button:
    • Track: Track activity on this API.
    • Ignore: Ignore activity on this API.
    • View spec: Display the API definition in JSON format. For example:
      Intelligence discovered API view spec
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the API definition.
    The API Edit pane displays.
    Intelligence discovered API edit pane
    1. API name: You can edit the name that appears for the API on the dashboard.
    2. Hostname: You enter a specific host name or use the wildcard "*" to specify all servers hosting the API.
    3. API base path URL: Displays the API's base path URL.
    4. Enable Blocking: Toggle to block blocklisted clients. Default is disabled.
    5. Access Token: Toggle to define whether the API has an access token. Default is enabled.
    6. Block Clients Without Tokens: Toggle to block requests that don't have a token. Default is disabled.
  4. Username Capture: Define the parameters for the username, depending on whether it is located in a JWT or custom header.
    Intelligence discovered API edit pane - JWT Username Capture
    Parameter JWT Username Header Description
    Username Header No Yes Custom header name with the username
    Username Yes No JWT claim for the username
    Client ID Yes No JWT claim for the client ID
    Location Yes No JWT location query string with the format:
    <key name>, 
    h:<custom header>, 
    API Key in Query String Yes Yes Key name in the Query String with the API Key
    API Key in Header Yes Yes Header name with the API Key
    Login URL Yes Yes URL for login requests on the API
    Cookie Yes Yes Name of the cookie used by the backend
  5. Click one of the options:
    • Save to save the edits, and exit.
    • Reset to restore the API's definition to the Discovered state.
    • Cancel or top-right X to exit from the edit mode to the view mode, without saving changes.