PingFederate is an enterprise federation server that enables user authentication and single sign-on. It serves as a global authentication authority that allows employees, customers and partners to securely access all the applications they need from any device. PingFederate can connect to PingOne for identity and authentication services.

By sending transaction information and an optional device profile to PingOne when a user signs on, PingFederate can get a security risk assessment for the sign-on event. Including the risk assessment in your PingFederate authentication policy allows you to dynamically adjust the user's authentication requirements each time they sign on.

You can use PingFederate to retrieve user attributes from PingOne and validate user credentials when a user tries sign-on.

You can also use the PingFederate provisioning engine to manage users in PingOne.

For more information, see the PingOne Integration Kit, the PingOne MFA Integration Kit, and the PingOne Protect Integration Kit.


You can use PingDataSync to synchronize PingDirectory Server with PingOne. Using data synchronization, you can:

  • Unify identity data across multiple data sources.
  • Migrate identity data with zero downtime.
  • Keep passwords, credentials, and profiles up to date.
  • Choose fast, one-time migrations or ongoing bi-directional synchronizations.

For more information, see the PingDataSync Administration Guide.