Attribute Description


A value for the user’s initial password. The field can also be set to a static default value.

This field is required when a user is created. It can not be updated, but you can force the user to update their password on their next sign on by setting resetPassword to true.

The password must satisfy the minimum requirements of the user's password policy. We recommend using a strong password.


The mail alias for the user.


Determines whether a user must reset their password the next time they sign on. The default value is true, but it can be mapped to an attribute.


The user principal name (UPN) of the user. The UPN is an Internet-style login name for the user based on the Internet standard RFC 822.


Associates a user ID with a user account in the Microsoft Azure identity store.


The name as it will look in the PingOne identity store.


Determines whether a user account is enabled. The default value is Enabled.


The last (family) name of the user.


The first name of the user.


Determines the location of license usage, which is required for licensing. Map to an attribute that contains the ISO-3166 formatted country (2-letter country code) of license usage.

Required for users that will be assigned licenses due to a legal requirement to check the availability of services in various countries. Examples include: US, JP, and GB.