To edit an environment, you must have the Environment Admin role.

  1. In the Environments list, select the environment that you want to edit.
    A screen capture showing the environment selector list
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Environment.
  3. Enter or edit the following information:
    • Name. A unique identifier for the environment.
    • Description. A brief characterization of the environment.
    • License. The license that is applied to the current environment. To change the license, select a valid license from License list.

      Changing the license type from any product to another product can cause:

      • Feature configurations to change or disappear altogether.
      • The need to manually reconfigure settings such as those for sign-on policy and schema attributes.

    You can also change the environment type between sandbox and production if you have the Environment Admin role. To change the environment type, click Promote or Demote. For more information, see Promoting or demoting an environment.


    You can't change the region after the environment has been created.

  4. Click Save.