Core and Standard attributes are system provided attributes. While core attributes cannot be edited or disabled, standard attributes have a limited editing ability. Use the Attributes page to edit an existing user attribute.

  1. Go to Directory > User Attributes.
  2. Locate the attribute that you want to edit by browsing or searching for it.
    • Click the More Options (⋮) icon and then click Edit Attribute.
    • Click the attribute that you want to edit, and then click the pencil icon.
  3. Select the configuration options for the attribute:
    • Enforce unique values: Require that attribute values be unique across the environment.
    • Allow multiple values: Allow the attribute to support multiple values:
      • When a multi-valued attribute is mapped as part of an OIDC or OAuth flow, then the claim will be an array of values.
      • When a multi-valued attribute is mapped as part of a SAML flow, then the multi-valued attribute will be a multi-valued SAML attribute in the SAML assertion. See Mapping attributes.
    • No Validation: No validation is needed.
    • Enumerated Values: Allow the attribute to have enumerated values.
    • Regex Validation: Requires that the attribute have a testable expression. Enter the following information to test an expression:
      • Expression: A unique identifier for the attribute.
      • Description: A brief characterization of the attribute.
      • Values: Examples of values that match or do not match the expression.

    After you create an attribute that is multi-valued, you cannot change it to single-valued. Not all attribute properties can be edited in the PingOne console.

  4. Click Save.