Each PingOne environment has three unique URLs.

URL Purpose Format

Console Login URL

URL to sign on to the console for administrators of one or more environments, depending on the permissions defined for the admin's role.


Self-service URL

URL for PingOne end users profile, to access self-service functionality, such as changing a password, pairing a device, or editing their profile.


Application Portal URL

URL for end users to access their application portal.



You can view these URLs from your PingOne account (Settings > Environment Properties). Make a note of them when you sign on for the first time.

You can edit your profile, change your password, and manage your authentication methods. The appearance of your PingOne profile page is the same as the UI available to your end users, however, some of the options listed are not applicable to an administrator account, such as linked accounts consents.

  • To access your admin self-service profile, sign on to the PingOne admin console, and in the Avatar menu select either:
    • Profile: Go to the Profile tab to update your contact details including phone number, email address, and physical address.
    • My MFA methods: Go to the Authentication tab to add one or more authentication method to securely sign on to your account or app.
    • Change password: Go to the Change Password tab to change your own password.

    You can also access your profile using the self-service URL or from the Avatar menu in the application portal.

    Your profile opens, showing the following tabs.

    Example of PingOne user profile, showing the tabs available. This example shows the MFA tab, and the authentication methods paired with the account.