This section is intended for PingOne administrators to understand the options available to your end users when they access their self-service profile. Options available vary according to your configuration needs. The PingOne self-service portal enables your end users to:

  • Edit their own profile
  • Change their own profile
  • Add or modify the mutli-factor authentication (MFA) methods from those defined by the admin
  • View external accounts linked to their PingOne profile
  • View any agreements for which they have given consent

The way an end user accesses their profile varies and can include:


You should create and maintain separate PingOne environments for your administrators and your end users, so you can maintain MFA configurations, branding and policies appropriate to each environment.

  • Access your profile based on your use case:
    • To access your profile using the self-service URL: In a web browser, enter the self-service URL you received from your organization.
    • For customer use cases: In your application, tap the relevant option.
    • For workforce use cases: From the application portal, in the Avatar menu, select Devices.

    Your profile opens, showing the following tabs.

    A screenshot showing the Profile page.
    • My profile: Update your contact details including phone number, email address, and physical address.
    • Authentication: Add one or more authentication method to securely sign on to your account or app.
    • Change password: Change your password yourself.
    • Accounts & sessions: View and manage linked accounts and open sessions.
    • Consents: View any agreements to which you have consented.