1. Go to Settings > Certificates and Key Pairs.

    You can browse or search for certificates.

  2. Click the expand icon to see more information for each certificate.

    The certificate details page shows the following:

    • Subject DN. The subject distinguished name for the certificate. The subject DN includes attribute-value pairs, such as common name (CN), organizational unit (OU), organization (O), and country name (C).
    • Serial. The serial number, a unique identifier for the certificate that is generated by the certificate authority.
    • Issuer. The certificate authority that issued the certificate. The issuer value includes attribute-value pairs, such as CN, OU, O, and C.
    • Issued date. The date that the certificate was issued.
    Lists applications that are currently using the certificate. To add a certificate to an application, Editing an application - SAML.

    Use the CSR tab to generate certificate signing requests (CSRs) and import the certificate authority (CA) response. For more information, see Generating a CSR.