1. Go to Applications > Resources.
  2. Browse or search for the resource you want to view.

    When you use the search bar, the results list is updated as you enter the query. The current resources are shown in the list.

  3. Click a resource entry to open the details panel for the resource.

    The details panel includes the following tabs:

    • Overview: Shows general resource information, such as the resource ID, audience, access token TTL (time to live), token introspection endpoint, and client secret.
    • Attributes: Shows the resource attributes that are mapped to PingOne attributes. For more information, see Mapping attributes.
    • Scopes: Shows the OIDC (OpenID Connect) scopes for the selected resource. Scopes define the permissions that the resource has, such as the ability to create a user or a population. For more information, see Resource scopes.
    • Permissions: Shows the application permissions for the selected resource. These permissions control access to the kinds of actions users can perform on application resources. For more information, see Application permissions.
To edit a resource, click the pencil icon. See Editing a resource.