If new users are added, or existing users are updated, the group membership is updated automatically based on the criteria in the filter. If you create a dynamic group, you can still add users to the group manually.
  1. Go to Identities > Groups.
  2. Locate the group to which you want to add users. You can browse or search for groups.
  3. Click the appropriate group name to expand the details pane.
  4. Click the Members tab and then click + Add members dynamically.
  5. In the Create Dynamic Group window, click Advanced (SCIM) mode.
    Note: If you have defined a filter in Basic mode, the filter will appear as a SCIM filter, although some complex SCIM filters cannot be displayed in Basic mode.
  6. Enter a SCIM filter expression to define members of the group. For more information, see SCIM filter language.
  7. Click Save Filtered Users.
    The group is updated with any users that match the expression. If the filter is invalid, an error message will appear and no users will be added to the group.
  8. Click the Users matched tab to see the list of filtered users.