1. In PingOne, go to Connections > PingFederate.

    The cards show the connection name, connection ID, and status toggle switch. Click the toggle switch to enable and disable the connection to PingFederate.


    You can disable a connection in PingOne or in PingFederate. The connection can be used only if it's enabled in both PingOne and PingFederate.

  2. Expand the card to see tabs showing more information about the connection, including the status of the connection, configuration details, and roles.

    The tabs show the following information:

    Shows the connection ID, connection name, and description.
    Shows the currently configured credentials, including credential ID, when the credential was created, and when the credential was last used. You can also revoke the credential from this tab.
    Shows the roles that are currently configured for the connection. For more information, see Roles. The Roles tab also shows which PingOne environments the connection can access. For more information, see Editing a connection.