The group details panel shows group members, nested groups, total member count, and other details about the group.

You must have the Identity Data Admin role to create or edit groups. With the Identity Data Read Only role, you can view groups and group membership, but you can't create or edit groups.

  1. Go to Identities > Groups.
  2. Locate the group you want to view. You can browse or search for groups. The results list is updated as you enter the search query. The current groups are shown in the list.
  3. Click the group name to open the group details panel.
The group details panel shows information about the group, such as overview, users, and nested groups.

The Overview tab shows the name, description, and summary for the group, including the number of identities in the group, the group ID, as well as other details about the group, such as when it was created and last updated.

The Users tab shows the current members of the group.

Note: The Direct label indicates that a user or group belongs to the group directly, rather than belonging to a group within that group, or matching a filter.

The Groups tab shows any nested groups in the group.