The PingOne Workday provisioner does not support the following Workday integration options:

  • Contingent workers. Contingent or temporary worker user types are not supported by the PingOne provisioning Workday integration at this time. Only full time employee user types can be imported.
  • Dynamic attributes. The PingOne provisioning Workday integration does not support dynamic attributes at this time.

Workday write-back provisioning has the following limitations:

  • For write-back, you cannot create or delete users, you can update existing users only.
  • Phone number country codes use an internal Workday format, so any modifications to the country code field require codes in that format.
  • If there is a pending business process associated with any of the attributes configured for write-back, then write-back will fail. For example, if an admin updates a name attribute, Workday starts a business process in which another admin must approve that name change. If a write-back occurs while the name change is pending, then the write-back will fail.
  • The Country attribute for addresses must be mapped to a custom attribute because Workday uses a different data format than PingOne. Use the three-letter country code (ISO 3166-1), followed by an underscore, and then the country calling code (international subscriber dialing code) for that country. The following example shows the Workday country code format for Canada.
    Screen capture showing an example of the Workday country code format.