Complete Tutorial 1: Controlling access to APIs managed by an API service to ensure you have:

  • Configured the authorization plugin to connect PingOne to Kong Gateway
  • Defined a managed API service for the Meme Game
  • Authorized Postman, acting as the game client, to access the Meme Game API

As the first step in controlling which users can review submitted memes, you’ll create users in PingOne for the Meme Game administrator and the game player. Then, you’ll create an administrator group that you’ll use later to manage access to the API operation for reviewing memes.

  1. Add users:
    1. In PingOne, go to Directory > Users and click the + icon next to Users.
      Screen capture of the Users page in PingOne showing the plus icon for adding a user.

      First, you’ll add the player.

    2. For Username, enter gameplayer.
    3. For Population, select Default, if it is not already selected.
      Screen capture of the Add Users window showing the Username field and the Population list.
    4. Click Generate Password, then click the Eye icon and copy the password to a convenient location. You'll need it later.
    5. Click Save.

      Next, you’ll add the administrator.

    6. Click the + icon next to Users.
    7. For Username, enter gameadmin.
    8. Make sure the Population is Default.
    9. Click Generate Password, then click the Eye icon and copy the password to a convenient location.
    10. Click Save.

      The Users page shows your users.

      Screen capture of the Users page showing the list of users.

      Next, you’ll create a group for game administrators and add the gameadmin user to this group. Groups provide a way to organize a collection of users, making it easier to manage access to applications and operations.

  2. Add a group:
    1. Go to Directory > Groups and click the + icon next to Groups.
    2. For the Group Name, enter Meme Game Admins, and then click Save.
      Screen capture of the Create New Group window showing the Group Name, Description, and Population fields.
    3. Click the Users tab and then click Add Individually.

      The All Users tab shows all available users.

    4. Select the gameadmin check box.
      Screen capture of the All Users tab showing all available users.
    5. Click Save.

      The gameadmin user is now a member of the Meme Game Admins group.

You’ve set up users and a group.

Use the group in a rule to control access to an API operation.