1. Go to Authorize > API Services, and click the API service that you want to edit.
  2. To edit service settings, click the More Options (⋮) icon next to the API service name, and then select Edit API Service:
    1. Change the Name or the Base URLs.
    2. To publish custom policies for this API service to a different endpoint, select a different Decision Endpoint.
    3. Click Save.
  3. To add an operation, click the Operations tab, and then click Define Operation. Complete settings to define the operation.
  4. To edit an operation, click the Operations tab, click the More Options (⋮) icon next to the operation name, and then select Edit Operation:
    1. Change Methods, Paths, or the operation Name.
    2. For basic rules, change the Groups that are granted access to the operation, or the scopes that must be authorized, and then click Save.
    3. For custom rules, to change the decision endpoint used for custom policy deployment, click the API Service Configuration link.
      Screen capture showing the Go To Policy Editor button for custom access rules.
    4. To make changes to the custom policy, click Go To Policy Editor, and then select the policy that targets this operation. Make changes to the policy, and then click Save changes.
  5. To edit scopes, click the Advanced tab, and then click Configure Scopes.

    Scopes determine the resources that a client can access.


    The Advanced tab is not available when user directory services and access token validation are managed externally. In this case, use your external provider, such as PingFederate, to configure authorized scopes.

    1. Change the scope Name or Description.
    2. To add a scope, click +Add Scope, and then enter a Name and Description for the scope.
    3. To remove a scope, click the Delete icon next to the description.
    4. Click Save.
  6. To configure the access token for the API service:
    1. On the Advanced tab, click Configure Access Token.
    2. Edit the scopes assigned to the resource.

      For more information, see Editing a resource.

    3. Click Save.