Let’s publish your changes to a decision endpoint so that you can make decision requests against a specific version of the policy. PingOne Authorize provides three decision endpoints to get you started: Dev, Test, and Prod. You’ve been working with the Dev endpoint so far.

Let’s publish to the Test endpoint to make your new policy available for more rigorous testing.


Ensure that your policies and Trust Framework definitions are thoroughly tested before you publish them to the Prod endpoint and use them in production.

  1. Go to Authorization > Version History.

    You see all the changes you’ve made, with the most recent changes listed first. The orange Dev icon indicates that you’ve been working with the development endpoint.

    Screen capture of Version History showing updates made to the latest versions published to the Dev endpoint.

    Let’s publish the latest version of your changes.

  2. Click the More Options (⋮) icon to the right of (Latest Version) Dev and select Publish Version.
    Screen capture showing selection of Publish Version from the More Options (vertical ellipsis) menu.
  3. In the Publish to list, select the Test endpoint.
  4. For the version Name, enter Payment checks.
  5. Click Publish.

    The version is now named and the pink Test icon indicates that it’s published in Test in addition to Dev.

    Screen capture of the named version Payment checks published to the Dev and Test endpoints.