You'll use the PingOne console for some tasks, and you'll have the option to use the PingOne API for some other tasks.

The workflow includes:

  1. Creating an organization (Admin)
  2. Optional: Creating a worker application and getting an access token (Admin or Developer)
  3. Optional: Integrating with PingFederate (Admin)
  4. Creating a web application (Admin or Developer)
  5. Configuring a sign-on policy (Admin or Developer)
  6. Associating your sign-on policy with your web app (Admin or Developer)
  7. Creating a user (Admin or Developer)
  8. Enrolling a user authentication device (Admin or Developer)
  9. Triggering an MFA authentication request (Admin or Developer)
  10. Customizing notifications (Admin or Developer)
  11. Configuring transaction approval(Admin or Developer)
  12. MFA using a mobile application (Admin or Developer)
  13. Configuring pushless and TOTP MFA for a mobile application (Admin or Developer)