You can add up to 15 new device predictors per environment.

  1. In the PingOne console, go to PingOne Risk > Predictors.
  2. To add a new predictor, click the + icon.
  3. For the predictor type, select New Device.
  4. In the Display Name field, enter a name for the predictor.

    The display name is used in the Risk dashboards and policy configuration.

  5. In the Compact Name field, enter a short name that will be returned in the API response.

    You can't change the compact name after it's been saved.

  6. Use the Fallback Predictor Decision Value list to select the risk level that this predictor should be assigned if there is insufficient information to calulate the risk level.
  7. You can use the Activation Date field to specify a date on which the learning process for the predictor should be restarted. This can be used in conjunction with the fallback setting to force strong authentication when moving the predictor to production.
    Note: Activation date uses UTC time.
If you plan to include a new device predictor in your risk evaluations, your authentication flow must provide information that can be used to identify individual devices. The best way to do this is to bring the information from the PingOne Risk SDK. This can also be done by providing a persistent cookie as input.