You can customize an IP reputation predictor by specifying an allow list of IP addresses for which the IP reputation score should be ignored. You can add up to 15 IP reputation predictors per environment.

  1. In the PingOne console, go to PingOne Risk Management > Predictors.
  2. To add a new predictor, click the + icon.
  3. For the predictor type, select IP Reputation.
  4. In the Display Name field, enter a name for the predictor.

    The display name is used in the Risk dashboards and policy configuration.

  5. In the Compact Name field, enter a short name that will be returned in the API response.

    You can't change the compact name after it's been saved.

  6. Use the Fallback Predictor Decision Value list to select the risk level that this predictor should be assigned if there is insufficient information to calculate the risk level.
  7. Enter the IP addresses for which IP reputation scores should be ignored. This should be one or more ranges of IP addresses expressed in CIDR format, separated by commas, for example,, For IP addresses in IPv4 format, you can use IP ranges. For IP addresses in IPv6 format, each address must be added to the list individually.