To complete this tutorial, you must first add a user.

Adding custom attributes to a user determines the types of data that are stored for each user.

  1. Go to Directory > Users.
  2. Locate the user that you want to add a custom attribute to.

    You can browse or search for users.

  3. Click the More Options (⋮) icon and click Edit User.
  4. To add a custom attribute, scroll down to the Custom Attributes section.
  5. Click + Add.
  6. In the New Attributes list, select a custom attribute.

    Screen capture of the Custom Attributes section in PingOne
  7. Enter the value of the custom attribute.

    Screen capture of the Value field after choosing a costume attribute in the Custom Attribute section in PingOne
  8. Click Save.

    You can view the attributes that you added in the Custom Attributes section of the user’s Profile tab. This includes multi-value attributes and JSON object attributes.

    Screen capture of the user's details, including the custom attributes section in PingOne