• Do not use a self-signed certificate or a certificate signed by a CA that is internal to your own organization. Certificates must be signed by a globally trusted CA.
  • Use RSA-2048 encryption if possible. RSA-1024 is allowed, but not recommended. RSA-4096 is not supported.
  • The certificate must be valid.
  • You can use wildcard and Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certificates, but they must match the domain name.
  1. Go to Settings > Domains.
  2. Click Add an SSL certificate.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Private key. A PEM-encoded unencrypted private key that matches the certificate’s public key.
    • Certificate. A PEM-encoded certificate to import.
    • Intermediate certificates. A PEM-encoded certificate chain. Do not include the end-entity certificate.
  4. Click Save.