Username (required)

The user’s GitHub EMU username. According to GitHub, a username, including underscore and short code, must not exceed 39 characters. For more information, see About usernames for managed user accounts in the GitHub documentation.

Email (required)

The user's email address.

External ID (required)

Associates a user ID with a user account in the GitHub EMU user directory.

First Name

The user’s first name.

Last Name

The user’s last name.


The status of the user account in the GitHub EMU user directory.

Formatted Name

The user's full name, including all middle names, titles and suffixes, formatted for display.

Display Name

A human-readable name for a user.


A list of the user's roles. For example, you could map the Roles attribute to billing_manager or enterprise_owner.

For more information about role values, see Provision a SCIM enterprise user in the GitHub documentation.

If a user doesn't have any roles assigned, they will be listed under the Unaffiliated section in GitHub EMU.