Before you begin

  • If you have a valid gateway credential, have it ready. Alternatively, you can create a new credential on the Overview tab in the gateway details. See Creating or deleting a gateway credential.
  • Install Java version 17.0.8 or later or Java version 21 LTS or later on the computer that will run the gateway.
  • Create a JAVA_HOME system environment variable that points to the directory that contains the bin directory from the Java distribution.

Directory structure

You’ll download the PingOne LDAP gateway software in a ZIP archive. Most extract utilities will extract the files to a directory with a pattern of pingone-ldap-gateway-<version>. This directory structure is part of the ZIP archive. For best results, do not rename the pingone-ldap-gateway-<version> directory.

The archive extracts the files with the following directory structure:
Parent directory
C:\Program Files\Ping Identity
LDAP Gateway directory
C:\Program Files\Ping Identity\pingone-ldap-gateway-<version> location
C:\Program Files\Ping Identity\pingone-ldap-gateway-<version>\config
Batch files location
C:\Program Files\Ping Identity\pingone-ldap-gateway-<version>\bin\windows