• Customize a credential: Add a background, icon, and customize fonts and colors to create a credential with the branding that your customers know and trust.
  • Customize data collection: Add directory attributes, date of issuance, or create alphanumeric text fields to capture more specific customer data. Specify which details appear on the credential and which details are collected as metadata only.
  • Preview your credential in real time: When you edit the credential attributes, the Card Preview area shows your changes as you make them.
  1. Go to Digital Credentials > Management.

    The Credentials page opens, showing a list of any existing credentials.

    A screen capture of the Credentials window, showing a list of cards. From here you have the option to create, edit, and issue a credential.
  2. Click the + icon.

    The New Credential window opens.

  3. In the Name and Subtitle fields, enter a title and subtitle.

    As you edit attributes, the card preview updates in real time.

    A screen capture of New Credential editing.
  4. Configure the appearance of your credential:
    1. In the Theme section:
      • To add a logo, click the image under Logo and select the image file that you want to use.
      • To delete a logo, hover over the logo image, click the Camera icon, and click Remove Image or Upload New Image.

      Logo images must be smaller than 25 KB.

    2. In the Card Styling section:
      • Click Card Color and use the color picker to select the color you want or enter the RGB value.
      • Click Font Color and use the color picker to select the color you want or enter the RGB value.
    3. In the Card Background section:
      • Under Image, click the Image icon and select the background image file that you want to add.
      • To remove an existing background image, hover over the image, click the Camera icon, and then click Remove Image or Upload New Image.
      • Move the Transparency slider to the left to increase the transparency of the background and increase the visibility of the credential text.

      Background images must be smaller than 50 KB.

  5. Customize the information that you want to collect and define what information displays on the credential:
    1. In the Card Fields section:
      1. For Number of Columns, select the number of columns that you want to add to your credential.
      2. In the Field Type list, select an attribute.
      3. In the Field Title, enter a field title to display on your credential.
    2. Optional: In the Card Fields list:
      • To change whether a field is visible to users, click the Show label on card (pingone_credentials_show_label_icon) icon.

        The default for a new field shows the field on the card.

      • To change the order in which the card attributes are displayed, click and drag a field to the desired location.
      • To add a field, click + New Field.
      • To delete a field, click the Delete icon.
  6. Click Next.
  7. To issue your credential:
    • Select Groups to choose a group that you want to issue credentials to.
    • Select Populations to choose a population that you want to issue credentials to.

      If you select multiple groups or populations, a user has to be a member of at least one of those selected to be issued a credential.

    • Select SCIM Filter to create a filter that identifies a certain category of users to automatically issue credentials based on attributes from the PingOne Directory.

      1. Enter the first condition:
        • Attribute: Select an attribute.
        • Operator: Select Equals, Starts with, Ends with, or Contains.
        • Value: Enter the appropriate value.
      2. (Optional): Click + Add, and then click Condition to add another condition or Condition Set to add a set of conditions.
      3. Select All or Any to determine how the linked conditions will be evaluated.

      To delete a condition, click the Delete icon.

      A screen capture of Credentials SCIM Filter attribute.
  8. Click Next.
  9. To add a digital wallet, click the application from the list or search the application and then click to select it.

    Screen capture of a digital wallet selection

    You can only select one application.

    To clear the selected application, click the application again.

  10. Click Save.
  11. To enable the credential, click the toggle on the Credentials page.